24 x 340ml Bottles


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24 x 340ml Bottles


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The ultimate hangover recovery drink.

A lot has changed since the beginning of time. But this remains unchanged. The effect of alcohol is still a yes! The after effect is still a hard no!

From the very first morning after, the search for a cure, any cure, begins. For ages people have tried to create a hangover cure, but have failed miserably.

We all know the desperation. But we have finally got it right. Recova is the perfect wingman, smashes hangovers and tastes as great as a night to remember.Its chemistry. Putting the over in hangover.

When can you Recova?

Before – The pre-drink to ensure a night without regret.

After – The nap cap or morning after magic to prevent hangovers.

Always – The ultimate drink buddy for all forms of physical exertion, jet lag, sport, fatigue and well being.


  • Backed by clinical data.
  • Genuine hangover cure.
  • Specialised ingredients.
  • Scientifically proven.
  • Hydrates the brain.
  • Restores vital organs.
  • Great apple taste


Electrolytes – Bring back your balance

Electrolytes are minerals in your body that carry a small electric charge. So, if you’ve woken up with a mouth as dry as our humor, it’s because alcohol has caused an electrolyte blackout.

Someone hand eskom a Recova.

Prickly pear – Douse the morning after flames

Large amounts of alcohol throws your body into a heightened inflammatory state. Prickly pear stops inflammation in its tracks and reigns in all those disastrous symptoms. Plaguing your netflix and cry session the next day.

DHM – Upgrade that liver

History has tried many (Failed) ingredients, but this one has passed all the tests! DHm is an ancient chinese medicinal ingredient that speeds up your liver’s ability to metabolise alcohol and resume its full function. Not only does it protect your liver during the act of drinking but replenishes it as well.

Vitamin B complex – Complex but awesome

Vitamins B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9 and B12. These are essential hangover vitamins that boost energy levels, cell metabolism and brain function. Nothing like vitamin B to get things groovy again.

N-ACETYL L Carnitine – Turns the frowns in your cells upside down

Alcar increases glutathione, your body’s antioxidant and decreases damages to the brain cells after drinking too. You were clever last night but might need some help this morning too.

Vitamin C – The bouncer for your body

A powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system, clears out the toxins and speeds up the liver’s metabolism.

Recova is a drink that cheats life’s hard moments.

A drink that doesn’t take but gives….

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